Functional Restoration Solutions
to Complex Medical Disability

Why Restart-FX ?

Restart-FX springs from many years of working on the medical management side of the workers’ compensation industry. For 25 years, the principals of Restart-FX have owned and managed Occupational Managed Care Alliance (OMCA), a Kentucky-based certified managed care organization for workers’ compensation. In the 250,000 cases we have managed throughout the country, pain management has often been an issue, and too often the answer given by many physicians has been to prescribe more and more narcotics.



More and more narcotics is NOT the answer. We have known this for a long time. Science has proven it beyond any doubt, yet still many providers refuse to recognize the incredible damage done to claimants. Many become totally non-functional, wreaking havoc with both their general health and their mental health, robbing themselves and their families of any quality of life. There is a better way, and we owe it to claimants to give them the opportunity for a “do-over”…a restart.


Restart-FX is a program that combines treatment for both physical and mental issues that have become barriers to functionality. Only by addressing the claimants’ behavioral health do we have the opportunity to help them physically. Seriously impaired claimants cannot begin to heal physically unless they can reduce the impact of the psychosocial barriers that impede their recovery.

Restart-FX uses a multidisciplinary panel of providers to deal with these challenging cases. Select physicians (orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry, addiction and pain management), psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, physical rehabilitation experts and others are part of the Restart-FX provider panel. Working together, as a team, these providers are dedicated to improving the quality of life for injured workers and, most importantly, ending their dependence upon massive amounts of narcotics.